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How You Can Feel and Experience Mystical Teachings Love

Mystical Teachings: You are your prison of pain and unhappiness as well as your own limitation to experience pure emotion.

What are ‘you’? You know that you have multiple minds that interact with each other. They show up when you have inner conflicts, each view is another mind. Ask yourself this question of ‘what are you?’ with a mind that knows it does not understand the question let alone the answer.

As long as there is any trace of self thought, meaning any thought about ‘you’, what you need, want or desire, there is one layer of the veil between you and happiness.

What is happiness? For now let us assume your definition is wrong, that you have no idea what happiness is. The experience of pure emotion is true happiness, but you may not know what that experience is like.

We have now two words that you do not really understand; you or your self and, happiness. You have some idea of what those words mean to you, but your definition is very limited and because of that you cannot achieve the understanding of those things to the point in which you can go beyond your individual and therefore limited experience of life.

If you can at least accept that you do not understand those words and that lack of understanding is another veil between your life and the perfect emotional life which is your potential, then we can begin.

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