Paid Survey Scams – Five Tips to Avoid Con Artists Online

Without a doubt, the phrase “make money online” has to be to be one of the most commonly misused phrases ever entered on a search engine. Google alone returns a staggering 12.6 million number of sites, along with Yahoo at an astonishing 30.6 million. It is truly one of the most popular phrases ever to be asked for online. So what do all these sites have in common? Well, their goal is make you money…right? Not exactly. Paid survey File a scam complaint are most certainly rampant across the internet. Whether it be for a free ipod or some “get rich quick” scheme, paid survey scam offers account for at least 50% of them. One in particular, paid survey scam sites, is something to be particularly aware of.

Well, these are the main tools of scam artists looking to waste your time and money. Legitimate survey companies are hired by real organizations to implement market research studies for their products. It is important distinguish between the two, as paid survey scams can be a real drain on your time, your confidence, and even your wallet.

Avoid Instantly won prize sites. I remember a few years ago going to a department store and getting suckered into one of those timeshare presentations. The hook was “attend this free seminar, and win a free trip to Hawaii…”. Tempting offer right? In actuality, the seminar took 5 hours, and was all a big sales pitch. Even worse, the trip was nothing to brag about, and even required a cash deposit. I felt like such a sucker. This is the same with paid survey scams.

The rule is if is too good to be true, than it probably is. Avoid these paid survey scam sites, if possible. Avoid “free trial” paid survey scams. Have you ever joined something that was impossible to cancel. It all sounds very tempting to get free stuff. You try the site or service, then discover it’s not for you. Then try to cancel, and it’s mission impossible. Take my advice, avoid the frustration and skip these free trial paid survey scams if you can.

Avoid paid survey scam sites with “a lot” of fine print. If you find a site with so much fine print that it covers the page. Then, you are looking at a paid survey File a scam complaint who is likely cashing in on your confusion. Avoid these paid survey scams.

If you do pay for a survey program, understand what you are getting. Even paid survey programs have their share of con artists as well. You know these sites, which give no support and rarely update their lists. My suggestion is to do your homework. Go online and find as many reviews as you can about paid survey programs, to avoid the paid survey scams. I have personally used Paid Surveys Etc and Max Paid Surveys, which offer excellent support and realistic expectations.

Avoid the “get rich quick” pay survey scam. I’ve seen several paid survey scams which promise to make you thousands overnight, simply filling surveys. Although you can make some decent money filling surveys, no company will realistically give you hundreds or even thousands per survey. The best you can hope for is anywhere between $2 to $20 for online surveys and up to $100 for focus groups. And, this is dependent on if you qualify on the surveys. These paid survey scams will promise instant success, but will deliver absolute frustration.

Making money online is tough, and is definitely no “get rich overnight” picnic. As with any home business, you need to do your research and do your work, in order to find what to pick the good sites from the paid survey scams. Just remember, avoid the paid survey scams, and you will do just fine.

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