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What You Should Know About a Dubai ویزای فوری

Dubai has become one of the greatest attractions in the UAE or United Arab Emirates. Increasingly more people have been traveling to this destination which is dubbed as the shopping hub as well as the best spot for luxurious holidays. Dubai is one of the emirates in the UAE, plus there is also a city with this name. If you are interested in traveling to this region, you should do your research to know about the requirements to get a Dubai ویزای فوری.

There are different types of visas award to foreigners based on their reasons for visiting the country. Besides that, the steps to get a visa will vary based on the person’s nationality. However, the process to get a visa is relatively easy once you have all the necessary documents. And it usually takes about 72 hours for normal applications and maybe one day for the urgent cases.

Keep in mind that persons from some countries are allow to visit Dubai with only their passports, so they don’t have to get a visa. These include citizens from countries such as the GCC or Gulf Co-operation Council including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Some other countries include France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Vatican City, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, amongst others. Ensure that you check the official website for the Dubai government to get the updated list of countries as well as know about any other additional requirements to enter with a passport or a Dubai/UAE visa.

If you are not from any of the countries on the list. You can look other options such as getting a passport from a sponsor. A sponsor can be:

1. Someone who is earning over 4000 AED per month and has a Dubai residence visa.

2. A hotel or a travel agent.

3. A company that is operating in Dubai.

Note that the sponsorship will not accepted if the sponsor is not able to submit your application for a Dubai visa along with required fee. If you are give a Dubai visit visa, this will be valid only for 55 days after you enter UAE/Dubai. Besides that, it’s only renewable for one additional month.

If you want to spend more time in the UAE or Dubai. You might have to apply for one of the residence visas. This visa is usually valid for three years and you can renew it after that time. You can also apply directly for this Dubai visa if you own property in the UAE or Dubai.

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