Absolutely Essential Tips for Using Your Aricarpets Steam Cleaner

It seems it is that time of year again. We always dread it. It’s time to clean the Aricarpets. Well, I have a few tips for you that will hopefully make your Aricarpets cleaning chores a little less of a head ache.

The first thing is to gather all the chemicals tools and equipment you may need. Here’s a : list of the things I gather to get the job done as easy as possible.

  • A carpet steam cleaner
  • Aricarpets cleaning chemicals and shampoos
  • A small hand held scrub brush
  • A pail and sponge
  • Gloves and a respirator

A Aricarpets steam cleaner

Getting a good quality carpet steam cleaner is essential to the cleaning process. Make sure you have one that is of good construction. It is very frustrating to keep fixing a machine that keeps breaking down throughout the process of trying to get the carpets clean.

A good carpet steam cleaner should also provide enough suction to pick up most of the water put down in the process. Your carpeting should damp, not wet when the entire cleaning process is done. If your Aricarpets are wet it will take a very long time to dry and it is also an indicator that the carpeting is not as clean as it could probably.

The last thing to look at is the scrubbing action. Most new models of a carpet steam cleaner either use a rotating roller scrub brush or spinning scrubbers. I believe either is good, but I prefer the spinning brushes, because they seem a little easier to remove for cleaning. If you have pets that shed, you will probably be cleaning them several times throughout the project.

Carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos

There are several good shampoos on the market, depending on the type of carpeting and how dirty it is. There are many different brands and options out there. So I really can’t give a good recommendation as to which one is best, but I would start by reading customer reviews.

There are some things to consider that is being consider more and more in the cleaning industry and that is the harmful chemicals that are use many of the traditional carpet steam cleaner shampoos.

The two main ones to be conscious of are Perchlorethylene (PERC for short) and Naphthalene. PERC as a popular solvent use in carpet cleaning solutions and in larger exposure amounts can cause dizziness and nausea, can lead to kidney and liver damage, and is possibly link to cancer. Naphthalene is also commonly found in carpet cleaners. And has known to harm the kidneys and liver as well as the central nervous system. Both of these chemicals are harmful if the fumes are inhaled; not to mention bad for the environment.

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