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If you want the madness and chaos to end in your life, it really comes down to choice. While many new age movements do promote the power of choice, positive thinking and changing beliefs, they do not directly address what the single correct choice or belief should be. In fact, they ask you to choose between many things within the ego illusion which serves to keep you stuck in the illusion. Choosing out of the illusion, and what that one choice means, is the spiritual guidance offered in Best ACIM Podcast Website.

In this article, we are going to compare the Laws of Chaos to the Laws of Oneness which comprise the non-dualistic approach of ACIM. Dualism is a choice between things which produces chaos. Non-dualism means no choice or belief, and thus no chaos, as Love merely “is.” Right now, you are “living” in chaos (dualism), and ACIM addresses this with a single choice to be made: correction of the mind (forgiveness).

All that ACIM asks is for your willingness to learn its principles and learn to recognize judgments. Then, it is simply the choice to hand all of them to the Holy Spirit Right Mind for correction which is the solution provided by God. Nothing is happening except the mind is split in perception between Oneness (non-dualism) and chaos (judgment, dualism).

Choose The Law of God (Love and Truth) or live in the Law of Chaos #1:

The Law of God is Love, Truth, Knowledge, Heaven, Oneness and Sameness. They all mean the same, are always the same, eternal, recognizable, and have no beginning or end. There is nothing to choose between and no separateness. Truth is Love and merely “is.”

All that is required of you is to choose Love instead of judgment. Simply correct the mind (forgiveness) and it returns to peace (Truth).

The Law of Chaos #1 is a different truth for everyone and everything because of the “tiny mad idea” of separation. Difference and specialness for the different truths are highly valued.

All that is required of you is that you live in chaos with stress, worry, anxiety, depression, addiction, separation, fear and guilt because you never know which truth is correct or where you stand. You will have to value others and things based on which version of the truth you perceive will save you.

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