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I have worked with both of these tools and have found them very similar yet rather different at the same time. OK lets start with me, I’m an engineering apprentice who uses both of these tools, Buy Autodesk Inventor 2019 Price at college and Pro Engineer at work. I’ve used Autodesk for about 3 and a half years now, so I’m not a complete wiz at it, but I feel I’m pretty good on it.

Pro Engineer I have only used for the last 7 months so my knowledge is a little less on this software package. As it is clearly visible to anyone I haven’t used either software for very long. So I am not familiar with every little trick each package is capable of. But I do have a good understanding of the basic functionality of each software. And this is where the focus of this review will be.

Creating a 3D part is a simple straight forward process. The only hard part of making the first 3D part is all the different file types. When Autodesk inventor is opened and you select to make a new file you are presented with a nice little window, looks simple enough? Look again there’s a nice list of various different file types with different formats. Unless you know what your looking for it can be a pain trying to find the right file type. I still get it wrong, so I opted to write a small text file telling me. Which are the commonly used files to create a single part, and assembly and a technical drawing. I mean who would have thought that BSI.IDW is a drawing! I rarely remember which one is right.

In this instance Pro Engineer is much simpler, within the Pro/E window there are 3 simple buttons. The first being call “Default Starter Part”, next “Default Starter Assembly” and the last being “Starter Drawing for Models”. After this a few windows pop up, one asking for a name for the part/assembly/drawing. After this we get a second window which is usually ignore and the default responses are accept, relatively straight forward. So for ease of creating a new part I would have to give this point to Pro Engineer.

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