Get uses of different Types of Turbine

What are the uses of different Types of Turbine? People show an increasing tendency towards having their own wind turbines. It is for generating their own electricity. It is also for reducing their contribution to environmental problems arising from carbon based energy sources.

Wind turbines and their operation:

A wind turbine is a machine that can convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Blowing wind rotates the blades of the turbine and the mechanism in it can generate electricity upon this rotation. Wind turbines have mainly two types. Horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines. They both have advantages and disadvantages but horizontal axis ones are more common due to higher efficiency.

Individual wind turbines

Individual turbines can be used for various purposes ranging from supplying energy for some small electrical devices. It is where grid connection is not possible to meeting part of the energy demand of a house, a farm or even a production facility. Individual generation systems can be standalone or grid connected. The energy output from a standalone wind turbine can be directly used. However, in grid connect systems excess electricity produce can be supplied to the national grid system. In Ireland, you will have chance to paid for the excess electricity you supply to the grid up to 500kW. Individual wind turbines can range from as small as 50W to as large as 3 MW, depending on their purpose of use.

Individual wind turbines for domestic use

Unlike large industrial wind turbines, these turbines have smaller dimensions that make them appropriate for using in relatively smaller areas. Their capacities range from as small as 50 watts to as high as 50 kilowatts and their prices vary depending on their sizes, types and manufacturers. Higher performance at low wind speed Problem with small wind turbine system on the market today The most challenging problem facing small wind turbine systems is that power output is very low or close to nothing under low wind condition. The wind speed in most locations don’t stay at rated wind speed all the time. Wind turbine actually operates at wind speed lower than rated wind speed at most of the time. In order to have good overall energy output, it is critical for small wind turbine to output as much as power at low wind speed.

Wind power turbines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people are familiar with the sight of large wind turbines operating as part of a wind farm. However, turbines designed for home use are much smaller than this, and far less noisy. The smallest turbines are portable and can used even while camping or at the beach.

A small wind turbine is capable of powering an entire home. Of course, the amount of power you generate will depend on both the wind activity in your area and the size of the turbine. The simple explanation for this is that a stronger wind speed allows the blades of the turbine to move more rapidly and consistently.

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