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How to Use Shea Butter for Acne Treatment?

Shea butter is know for its skin-rejuvenating properties due to its rich vitamin content, particularly, vitamins A, E and F. Though it is ideally use to maintain a balance and glowing skin, you’ll amazed at how it can help fight acne. The following paragraphs throw light on the benefits and healing properties of this naturally occurring substance.

First, let’s see what exactly is Shea butter. It is actually a fatty substance derived from the nut of Shea tree. I.e. Mangifolia tree, a native of the African Savannahs. It has been a popular skin care ingredient in Africa over the centuries and has now made its way to cosmetic products.

What are the health-giving properties of Shea butter, and how does it prevent and cure acne? As said above, its vitamin content of works like magic – boosts collagen production, hydrates your skin and prevents premature aging. It has vegetable fats that improve cell regeneration, while its cinnamic acid protects your skin from the sun. Ingredients called unsaponifiables impart moisturizing and healing effects to it. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which address the root of your acne problem, i.e. bacterial growth and inflammation in your skin.

Regular use of Shea butter will improve the elasticity of your skin and even heal fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. This wonder product also prevents and heals stretch marks, scars, rashes and wounds. It also minimizes acne blemishes and treats skin diseases like eczema to a certain extent. It treats chapped lips and conditions coarse hair as well.

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