Security Polo Shirts For Men Are an Economical Uniform Item

Polo shirts are such a versatile piece of clothing that it can used as a uniform for almost all the professions, including security guards. Why Security Polo Shirts For Men have been chosen for such a risky, responsible and honourable profession as a work wear?

There are a few reasons to answer this question. Firstly, it is extremely comfortable clothing, it does not restrict the movements. And gives an absolute freedom, what cannot said about the jacket or buttoned shirts uniforms. Obviously it is very important for the security guards to be able to react instantly, and such a little obstacle as a tight shirt or awkwardly stitched jacket can be not only irritating, but also fatal. With well designed and fitted polo shirts such a situation is out of questions.

Security polo shirts also add a good deal of sophistication. Severe calmness and manly strength to the image of a security professional. Nicely shaped, they do not hide the muscles, on the contrary. They make it clear that a man is physically fit and ready to go into action anytime. The collar gives the whole image an official tonality, even if a polo shirt is not formal wear.

Still, with right colour combination, design and fabric, this type of shirt will make a security guard. Or the door supervisor look professional, official and respectable. A shirt with short sleeves is perfect if a man has to spend all day long on the hot sun. Due to its breathable fabrics, like pure cotton or cotton bland, security polo shirt will be perfect for the warmest days and long working hours outside – something your security officers will really be grateful for.

In the cooler seasons for those who are involve in door supervision. And event security services it is better to have a polo shirt with long sleeves. It will have all the advantages of the short sleeved polo, and at the same time will protect from cold.

Colour preferences for this kind of shirt are usually limit: black, white and dark blue. Usually these three colours are most preferred and ordered by different companies. The word “security” is usually place on the back of security polo shirts and imprinted or embroidered in a contrast colour. White or yellow on black and blue; black or blue on white.

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