The Man Who Is Jesus

Who Is Jesus: Once upon a time there was a Kingdom way above the clouds; a Royal King and his Queen had just had a baby boy. His name was Sir William; and one sunny morning Sir William was walking along the edge of the Kingdom. You could see for miles and with the peak of many mountains below he was very interested in finding new life down below his Kingdom.

He lost his concentration and had slipped off the edge of his Kingdom and began falling towards Earth and as he was fallen he began to age; very quickly.

Then he hit the ground and had landed in a big river of water he began making his way to the shore’s of this land. Wondering about what place was he now in, he kept thinking about his Father and his mother knowing that they would be worried about him. He began to cry to himself; saying I got to find away back to our Kingdom. Their has to be a door somewhere down here on Earth. After sitting for awhile he got up and began walking towards the east of this country, there were many trees and birds in this area, so he wandered until he saw a house in the distance. He ran towards the house hoping to find someone who could help him with this situation. But the people was very old and they had a young girl who was living at the house with them.

They had chickens, and farm animals something that he has never seen before and it was also his first time talking with other people other than his Father and Mother so he was very shy from the start and the people kept asking him wear did he come from. But he could not explain it to them correctly so he said; from over the mountains and through the woods, so they invited him in for some food and some new clothing because what he had on had gotten very small on him from his journey.

The young girl began to talk with him asking him how old he was: but he said I believe that am about 15 years of age. And then he said: how old are you and she said: am 15 years of age also. Then she said: I never been to a regular school before; and he said: neither have I, this is my first time from my home above the clouds. She said: are you from heaven? He said: we don’t call it that we call it a place for the angels to live.

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