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Two Weeks in France – The Perfect Family Getaway

We all are in a wrong notion that visiting Two Weeks in France is all about museum visits, old architectural buildings, and classy dining experiences. But there are many other things which you can enjoy with your family and that too explore the whole by railways. There are plenty of places to explore other than these and that will keep your family members excited too! Young to old, no matter what, let us make your France trip full of memories and make the most out of it in just two weeks!

Paris: Day 1 – 5

Paris is suitable for both children and old people. That what makes it an ideal destination for both the young and old, perfect place for the families. Young people can enjoy the magical view of the Eiffel Tower, especially during the night. While the older members can enjoy the other famous architecture out there. The Note-Dame is a must-visit and the majestic view from the Sacre-Coeur will completely change your perspective about the city. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Sasti Ticket coupons.

People who are passionate about art and history will be mesmerized with all the displays that The Musee du Louvre has to offer. When you are tired enough, you can hire a cruise the Seine for enjoying the sightseeing of the city. You can also enjoy short day trips from capitals.

Remember to make a day trip to Versailles. The place with Hall of Mirrors is not what you would like to miss. There are many parks and well-maintained picnic spots to spend with your family.

Now comes the most interesting visit to Disneyland. If you are having kids in your family, you will not be able to miss the world’s famous amusement park, which will obviously make your day.

French Alps: Day 5-8

Depending on what time of the year you are visiting,  a trip to the Alps can be memorable. There are many resorts which are safe and comfortable and easy to reach from the nearby station. There are many resorts also providing you with daycare facilities. Don’t miss the snow area – they are a great place for regular activities

A convenient and enjoyable place for your children is Les Karellis. There are lots of freebies for the younger members and other special attractions for your elders all well.


Marseille: Day 8-9

The south of France is just another place not to miss. It has got attractions for both the elder and younger members of your family. The old and the young will enjoy the coastal atmosphere and can feel the history there. There are beaches for younger people and various museums, gardens, theatres and other attractions which will surely lure the older people. Walkthrough the old forts and old architecture and boat rides to Calanques is a memorable way to spend with your family.

But remember to make all the trips through public transport so that you can enjoy and experience the real-life out there. Make your journey to Chambery by a bus or taxi, then from there train will connect you to Marseille. Check train schedules beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

Nice: Day 9-13 

A visit to the capital of French Riviera, Nice, is the best way to end up your trip. Make your stay in the south.The topless bathing in the nearby beaches will surely fascinate your children. Walkthrough the vibrant place is an ideal way to be with your family and keep your memories remarkable.Don’t forget to explore St-Paul-de_Venece. The city offers you various lakes and hills allowing you to enjoy stunning views of the town and its surroundings. Monaco is also a family-friendly place to visit, being only 11 miles away from Nice and is perfect for an overnight stay. Don’t miss the massive doll collection in the Musee National de Monaco.There are various train facilities available between Marseille and Nice and is only a 3 hours journey.

Returning back to Paris: Day 13-14

If you are thinking to end up your journey by going back to Paris, then please allow yourself a one-day train trip and a finat morning in the capital before departing France.there are regular trains between Nice and Paris taking you approximately 6 hours in total.You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

No doubt is a fascinating country to roam about and a dream place for all. But what makes it more memorable is to explore the country by trains, feeling like one of them. With the Eurail Pass, you can travel freely on most railways, with nominal reservation fees. There is more information on : the dedicates sites of Eurail. So plan your trip according to enjoy a hassle free trip yo Paris with your family.

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