What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make on UCDM

The UCDM diet now offers people a way to take control of their health. Many of us are dependent on acid producing foods, which is harmful to our health. We can easily optimize our health by eating more alkali foods. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, 1 being the number for very acidic and 14 the number for very alkaline. The pH level of blood in our bodies is slightly alkaline at 7.35. Everything that we eat or drink is broken down into alkali or acid and our bodies then store and eliminate the amounts according to what it needs.

Vast amounts of acid stored in the body cause blood to cluster in the blood stream. This causes tiredness and injury to the body and the cells cannot function properly. When the normal cellular functions shut down, our immune systems are lowered which allows all kinds of diseases to enter our bodies.

To ensure ongoing good health, the balance of the pH level should always be at 7.35. This balance can be created and maintained by eating alkaline foods and by avoiding acidic foods. If you know which foods are alkalizing and which foods are acidifying, you will be able to make the right choices. It is also important to know your pH level in order to make the necessary changes in your daily routine. You can easily monitor this balance every day by using pH saliva test strips. The pH miracle diet requires a high level of personal responsibility and can be quite difficult for the first time dieter or people used to other diets. As a result of this, many fail to stay on the pH diet.

The two most common mistakes and solutions to it are:

People new to the pH diet try to add too much alkaline into their systems. The whole purpose of the pH miracle diet is to change your lifestyle permanently by creating a balance in your food intake. Too many dieters think they can solve the problem by going overboard with food and other supplements that raise their alkaline levels dangerously. As mentioned earlier too much acid in your bloodstream can be unhealthy, but abnormal levels of alkali can be just as unhealthy. People use the claim that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment as an excuse, little do they realize that nothing can survive in a purely alkali environment, especially in the human body.

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