Luxurious hotel to stay Blue Paradise DR

Your Blue Paradise DR vacations are going to be some of the most expensive vacations. You may ever take but it will also be the best. This is place where wealthy individuals plan their most extravagant events at the world-renowned Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. Many famous actors and movie stars have been visiting here for decades. It is going back to Ian Fleming, Prince Charles, and more recently Donald Trump, and Merv Griffin. They have all owned big stakes in this Casino. Hollywood stars just love this island and so will you! Paradise Island is connected to New Providence, Bahamas by two large bridges. This means visitors can see Nassau on the same vacation if their planning is good. Paradise Island was previously known as Hog Island and served as a farm for the nearby area of Nassau.

Within your budget:

It isn’t hard to get around on your vacation as long as you have a lot of money. English is spoken everywhere and American dollars are taken just like Bahamian dollars. You can also find a lot of history, from Spanish invaders, to British Colonialists. Oh yes, you guessed it, there are also some honest to goodness pirates. Many movies, like those from the James bond series, and others like “Into the Blue,” starring Jessica Alba. It have been film here. Famous concerts have also featured stars like Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, and NSYNC. Atlantis is one of the most famous resorts and water parks in world. Coral and Beach Towers at the Trump Plaza are also world renown. Check out the two hundred million gallon Aquaventure which is massive park complex. It combines rivers, slides, and rapids to turn any vacation into lifetime memory.

Water slides:

Power Tower has 4 waterslides referred to as The Drop, The Surge, The Abyss, and The Falls. They are going to make all your vacations something to remember. With so much to do on your Paradise Island vacations, it is no wonder that people return again each year. You want to plan that vacation to that glorious tropical island. You’ve only heard of the tourist traps like Nassau, Bahamas or Montego Bay, Jamaica. You want a place without fifteen-story hotels, screaming crowds, and a thousand souvenir shops. You want a place where you can finally relax and recuperate from the smash and grab daily grind. Well, worry no longer. Below you will find eight of the most peaceful paradises in the world. But don’t wait a decade to choose one. By then, they may no longer be some of the best secret travel destinations.

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